Trust Issues in Physical Therapy

Patients can be uncooperative when they do not trust the safety of Physical Therapy Intervention. I have a 2 year old patient that it took awhile before he can bear weight on his legs when I hold his hands. But he can bear weight on legs while he is holding on the furniture. I let him stand and cruise on the furniture while little by little I applied a little support on hands to let go of furniture. He is now able to step with support on both hands.
There are also cases that the patients can walk with support of the PT but not cooperative with their parent. Sometimes patient can trust PT more than their parent because we see them a lot and do physical activities with them. When the parent start to do it they are not used to it so they do not trust them very much.
Avoid fall during standing or walking activities when the patient is too apprehensive. It can lower their trust to their physical abilities.