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A List PT

We are a group of physical therapist who are willing to provide services in your own home. The age we provide services are from 0 to 3 years old. When your baby has physical developmental delay or excessive postural deviation we can work to improve the condition. We usually increase the physical development of the baby.
Since we are mostly owner of this corporation, we care about the name of our company. In that reason we provide quality intervention for your baby. We do not discriminate on race, religion, or creed we give service to your kids as a physical therapist.
Each of our physical therapist has more than 15 years experience as in early intervention physical therapy. We can train the family how to apply proper manual manipulation, exercises, balancing training, and other functional skills. We also has different technique to motivate the baby to cooperate with the physical therapist.
We cover the Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island area of New York. Most of us speaks more than one language “English, Spanish, and Tagalog”. We are also has yearly seminar which is approved by the NY state to further educate the PT in their career.
All A List Physical Therapists are well informed, passionate on their job, and more experience in early intervention. Although we own the domain we decided to put our content here in because it was traditionally used by
We hope we can provide PT service to your kids in the future if you need it.

Fairness in Early Intervention Physical Therapist in NY

More physical therapist leave their agency due to mismanagement of their paycheck and difficulty in the submission of paperworks. The best thing to deal with it is to make the physical therapist get involve in decision making because most of the agency personnel has different background. Physical therapists know what is the purpose of documentation. They know how to correct written mistakes in their notes in a legal way. I am against repeating the whole notes because there are mistakes because correcting it in legal a bit messy.
Paycheck should be on time as long as the PT submit the paper on time. When the physical therapists do not paid well, quality of care will be at risk. PT is not working for free, they have bills to pay.

Carry over activities

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EI Physical Therapist in Forest Hills

In Forest Hills there are Physical Therapist that served the community for many years. Also the parking in Forest Hills is very tricky. If PT does not know what day and time for PT visit, parking ticket is viable. During good weather the session can be done in the park, either in Ascan St. or somewhere else, it is always good for the kids to have spacious place to move around. It is better to know that your PT is familiar with the place in the community because therapy can be done in the park. In the park kids enjoy the playground, it is their normal surrounding as they grow up. In A List, Avelino de Chavez give service in Forest Hills. Send email to Avelino de Chavez if you need Early Intervention Service in Forest Hills.

A List Physical Therapy

We are providing early intervention in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. All the physical therapist has minimum of 10 years experience in early intervention. The area of services are all mapped out so that parents or service coordinator can easily find the most accessible PT that work around their area. Aside from providing early intervention for kids some of our physical therapists are also working in board of education and other little older cases. The motto of this company is to be fair with everybody. We pay special attention to the quality care of the patient.